Student Service Directorate

Ato Abiy Difabachew


The Student Services Directorate Director is responsible for the overall functioning and performance of the three working offices under its supervision, namely, Student Clinic, Student Dormitory and Student food service. Providing day-to- day leadership and direction with respect to policies, practices, systems and operations with the aforementioned offices, as such; with the Student Clinic Office proffer awareness to students with regards to their health and environmental sanitation and also provides medication advice for sick students; with the Students Dormitory Office provides students with available and clean dormitory along with other related supplies and with the Student Food Service Office they confer available food for students depending on each student budget which the Government allocated.

In general, the Directorate organized and lead appropriately with them in providing services and programs that will enhance the student's experience and support the achievement of educational and personal goals for students of Federal TVET Institute.