Download Student Guide Here

For masters program students click here to see how to take your Exams online. Also important, click here to see how to change your account password.

-Students can access the site from the official web page of the institute ( and click the E-Learning link.

Or you can also click here to open the platform

-Click the Login button, and use your full student ID number as user name (without the / marks, eg. for TTR/123/45 use TTR12345)

-Use the password you are given (example Student@2012 or Student@2013) as password.

If you face any problem regarding the eLearning site, please email to In your email, please indicate your name, ID number, and program you are enrolled to.

How to take Exam Online

Please look at the video below on how to take online exam on the E-Learning Platform.

How to Change your eLearning Account Password

After you log in, click on the down pointed arrow next to your name at the top right side of the browser, then select preferences, then on the left side, under user account, click on change password. There you can replace the current password with a new one.

Also, please look at the video below on how to change your account password on the E-Learning Platform.