Background of the Program

The Federal TVET Training Institute, newly established institutions which was approved by the Council of Ministers with its primary goal is to produce a competent A and B level TVET teachers. The direction is to offer internationally accepted undergraduate and graduate, post graduate and undergraduate to technical vocational and consultancy services with a view of improving the quality of TVET delivery. The training will be in line with the outcome based training system implemented in Ethiopia. The program offered is Bachelor of Technical teachers in different occupation, like: Automotive Technology, Building Construction technology, Information and Communication Technology Electro/Elex technology, and Welding and fabrication Technology.

Vocational Pedagogy Department was created before its full implementation after the series of consultation/ workshop with the Federal TVET Agency, Adama University, and University Reform in the year 2011. Pedagogy courses are indeed inseparable to any teacher education institutions. It offers a comprehensive view to the teachers’ multifarious task to enable them to demonstrate a high degree of competence and commitment to teaching profession.

A quality pedagogic course is the key factor in technical teacher education in TVETI. Pedagogic preparation is very important function for technical teachers in different majors and specialization, the very important function and responsibility assigned to Vocational Pedagogy Department. All efforts to improve the quality of technical teachers education is dependent on the service of technical teachers who are properly prepared to undertake the various important role of the technical teachers. As such, it is of utmost importance that the highest standards are set in defining the objectives, components, process and applications of pedagogic courses in technical teacher education curriculum.