Background of the Program

As a higher education at a university level, our institute provides Language and basic sciences Courses. Language and basic sciences courses are devised to enable  students  acquire  necessary communication,  analytical  skills, critical thinking,  innovation , social entrepreneurship and  creativity  that enhance  their  capacities  to  benefit  from their specialized training. Besides, these courses enable students to acquire skills of new technologies, such as ICT.

The Language and Basic Sciences Curricula was developed by the professionals of Language and Basic Sciences Department and ICT department of the TVET Institute. It is a comprehensive document that was produced to bring about a qualitative improvement of language and basic sciences program offerings. The focal pursuit of the curriculum development and revisit was made on course structure; modules descriptions and syllabus of the various courses to enable TVET Institute to standardize its academic programs meet the various developments and challenges that are taking place in the industry and work environment both in the local and the international level.

For communication skills, since English is used as a medium in higher education, it is essential for one to be able to compete internationally. By so doing, after acquiring mastery over English Language, students will develop confidence in them-selves in order to challenge they face in their study. In addition to that, for advanced communication skills, language and ICT courses: encourage, promote and coordinate the dissemination of research findings through channels such as workshops, lectures and ICT;

For analytical skills: Mathematics is useful to introduce students to mathematical computation, realization and visualization. In addition to that it helps students to begin to develop the skill of analyzing problems in a rational (rigorous, logical) and methodical manner.

Entrepreneurship seeks to develop entrepreneurial skills and in the process prepare teacher trainees in education, not only to establish their own businesses at some point in the future, but also to work productively in their institution. In addition, it will introduce teacher trainees to the concept of social entrepreneurship and demonstrate how entrepreneurship can be practiced in different ways to address problems in society.

All students pursuing undergraduate degree programs in the University level such as our TVET Institute shall satisfy the Language and Basic Sciences requirements. These   courses for undergraduate degree students shall cover 17 -26 credit hours selected from the English, Entrepreneur, ICT, Math and Physics areas.

On the whole, these newly developed and revisited language and basic sciences Curricula are aimed at developing a desired professional, managerial and technical skills required in the local and global work environment. We hope the time, effort and resources put in the drafting of this document will prove useful in turning out more competent TVET trainees.

The success of this curriculum development pursuit depends upon the effective participation and implementation of the managers and subject teachers of the institute by creating a conducive teaching-learning environment to satisfy the customers and stakeholder of TVET Institute.

When we come to the history of the Department, , LANGUAGE and BASIC SCIENCES DEPARTMENT (LBS) was established in January 2014 by assigning a department head for it .This department is consist of English, Entrepreneur, ICT, Math and Physics courses the Institute has added the LANGUAGE and