Background of the Program

The purpose of the stream of Fashion Design and Garment technology under the broad head of Technical Vocational Education is to teach the students about the fundamentals of fashion design and production of garments. Garment technology focuses on the manufacturing of garments that includes the entire process of designing and producing fashion apparels .

This competent work force will be achieved by giving training based on the TVET policy of the country in an accredited TVET training institution and curriculum.

Establishing a new study program for TVET professionals in technical fields is a goal in Ethiopia. In this document we present the new three year Bachelor program in the occupational field of Information Communication Technology.

The Institute's Garment Technology department was established to provide training in line with the TVET strategic policy of the country. It is working in collaboration with the institute to train 'C' Level teachers to graduate in 'B' Level, who are admitted from different regions of the country.