Background of the Program

The Department of Automotive Technology of the Federal Technical and Vocational Education and Training Teacher’s Institute (FTVETI) plays an important role in equipping individuals with relevant skills and knowledge for human resource advancement and also fostering the competitiveness of the economy. FTVETI also enables individuals to participate in social, economic and technological innovation processes. Therefore, embedding professional teachers for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Program (FTVETI) into regional and national structures is of crucial importance to the economic performance and social development of Ethiopia. An overall improvement of vocational skills for employability and citizenship can only be realized if there is an improvement in the quality, effectiveness and relevance of teaching and learning process.

Land transportation plays an important role in the development of the country’s economy as this sector provides the mobility of work force, transporting goods and commodities which serve as the main sector of the community. It is vital to a day to day activities and needs qualified work force in all levels, namely; automotive engine electronic/electrical servicing level I, automotive painting and body repair level I, automotive electronic/electrical servicing level II and III, automotive body repair level II and III, automotive engine servicing level II and III, automotive body painting level II and III, automotive powertrain and under-chassis servicing level I, II and III, automotive servicing operation level IV and automotive technology management level V. Skilled workers work in maintenance and servicing of private and public cars, trucks, delivery vans, taxis to name a few. To maintain the flow of skilled automotive technicians this TVET Institute is mandated to train teachers that will in return train and produce globally competitive work force.

In order to help strengthen and upgrade technical and vocational education, a clear establishment and implementation of a high quality study program for FTVETI professionals. The key role of improving the quality and status of automotive FTVETI teachers, a profound subject on pedagogy, research, practical knowledge and skills as well as acting on the basis of educational values and right attitudes towards work have much to contribute in this regard.

This document presents a new comprehensive three years upgrading program leading to bachelor’s degree for TVET professional teacher in a holistic approach to cater all levels in field of automotive technology as the main tool in attaining the TVET reform of this country.